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Isabella's 3 Month Update

Our baby girl turned 3 months mid June 2020. This is our experience and daily routine with her at this age.

With her birth story out of the way (''giving birth'' to that post took more time and effort than the actual birth of the baby), I can finally start posting Isabella's updates that I had written back when it was actually relevant... I am running about 8 months behind on her updates because it looks like blogging regularly is not that easy while taking care of a non-stop moving, laptop-grabbing, attention-seeking baby.

Well, mummy-moaning aside, we've been doing really well with Baby Isabella at 3 months old. Genuinely don't remember how life was before her! She has brought so much joy and laughter in our life!

She changes constantly. She is more and more aware of us and her surroundings every day. 
Her favourite thing now is looking in the mirror. We could do that for soo long! She just gazes at her reflection and laughs and smirks at herself.
She wiggles and kicks around loads! She loves to kick herself off our belly and slide up on her changing mat.
She weighs 5.5kg now, (gains around 10 dkg a week) but she feels really heavy when she demands to be held for 30-40 minutes at a time. Oh and you bet that she wants to move around, we shouldn't even think about sitting down with her! 
Clothes wise, she still fits some of her 0-3 month clothes but I have started to use some 3-6 months ones as well. When it comes to nappies, she's using size 3 ones already. We like the Lidl own brand nappies. Cheap and cheerful!

She also started grabbing things, she loves the tassels on the corner of our pillow cases, her little plushee sheep's arms and sadly my hair. Ouch...

She had a very strong neck right from the start and had no problem holding her head even at a few weeks old during tummy time. It was not a big surprise for us when she first rolled over at 8 weeks. She's been practicing it ever since. She has not done back to front yet, but I don't think we're far away from it!
One of her newest things is shoving her whole fist in her mouth and no matter how hard we try to force her not to do it, her previously adored Bibs dummies are just not cutting it anyomre.

She is cooing and babbling a lot more now, especially talkative in the mornings when she's well rested. It's just the cutest thing! I love when she still has her dummy in and she starts to explain something to us. And her little facial expressions that go with that just melt my heart!

She still loves to be held and fall asleep in our arms or in the baby carrier. 
She can be very willful when she doesn't have her way and she fusses until she gets what she wants. 

Whenever we go out as a family, everyone mentions that she looks like her Daddy, but I think her facial expressions, like for example her yawn takes after me. I think she'll also have my type and colour of hair.

Due to Covid-19, she has not met any of our friends or family yet, but everyone gets regular picture and video updates on her which is the most we can do at the moment. She has not been registered yet due to all the offices being closed for birth registration so getting her a passport and travelling home to Hungary is not on the cards yet...

I gave up on breastfeeding around 3 weeks postpartum because we were not getting anywhere with it. She couldn't latch on, so she would start screaming and pushing me away. It felt horrible and didn't really boost my confidence to continue trying... I switched to pumping but I can't say that it's my favourite thing either. I feel like I miss out on a lot because I'm stuck with the machine, basically unable to move or do anything else. Still I only pump about 70 ml a day which means we have to give her formula. We had some issues with reflux but since swapping to a thicker milk designed for reflux babies we have no problems with it anymore, thankfully. We mix two types of formula at the moment, Aptamil Comfort (against colic and constipation) and Aptamil Anti-Reflux, half and half and it works really well. No major spit ups and she seems to like it too. 
We make her 150 ml bottles but she generally eats something between 90-140 mls per feeding. She prefers to eat little but often, generally every 3 hours.

Our routine looks something like this at the moment:

Around 6:30-7:30am: She wakes up and she has her first bottle of the day. She usually goes back to sleep right away after the first feed and I put her in our big bed to sleep. I get up at this time, make my breakfast, have my first of many coffees of the day and pump. I also do my hair and makeup if we are leaving the house later that day.

10am: Time for her second feed. This is when I change her out of her onsie and wipe her face and hands with a wet washcloth. After she eats I put her down on the floor. This is when we do tummy time and just chill. She also usually has a small nap before her next feed.

1pm: Izzy has another bottle and we have our lunch after she has eaten (one of us takes care of preparing lunch the other takes care of nappy change and feeding her). After we clean up we get her ready to go out for a walk.

2-5pm: We either go shopping or my bf takes her out for a walk in the afternoons. She falls right asleep in her cot. 

5-7pm: It's time for another feed when she gets home and a little play time either on the floor or in her swing.

7:30pm: Every other day we give her a bath which she only started to enjoy recently. Now she's chilled but also kicks and splashes around in excitement.

8pm: She gets another feed and we have our dinner afterwards. She doesn't fall straight asleep after this feed but more towards 10-11 pm. She would probably sleep until 2-3am but we wake her up for a last feed so we can also rest during the night without interruption.

Midnight: She gets her last feed for the night and falls straight asleep until the morning when it starts all over again...

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