Thursday, 25 June 2020

My Second Trimester

Altough I didn't have a horrible first trimester, I was really looking forward to stepping into the second for multiple reasons. I wanted to be rid of the night time nausea, I wanted my belly to pop a little, wanted to announce the pregnancy and of course I wanted to find out the gender of our baby!

Appointments and Scans:
I definitely started to feel more like myself in the second trimester. I had a few meetings with my midwife where everything looked fine, blood work came back with great results and I was told to continue doing and eating the same as I have been because it seems to be working.

We also went for our 20. week scan and we found out that we're having a little girl!!! Can't put into words how happy I was! :) Little one was very low and wouldn't turn around even after I had some jumps and sugar so we had to go back a week later again to check the heart, face, head, brain, neck and spine. She measured normal for everything, but this became a running theme at this point; we couldn't get a scan done in one go, she's just been very camera shy so far... 

18 Weeks Pregnant

Food-wise I became a bit more sensible, incorporated more greens and salads into my diet and tried to eat a bit less beige than in the first trimester. I treated myself to a Pret Smoked Salmon Protein Box 2-3 times a week for lunch.
Truth is, most days I was totally unmotivated with cooking dinner and food and I skipped a lot of dinners because simply nothing sounded good. I still had no cravings for anything.

Also it seemed that whatever I ate, it always resulted in heartburn in the afternoons. Such a horrible feeling! 
I found that eating a bit of fruit, especially pears worked instantly though.

Body and skin:
My skin started to get better but always had a few active breakouts on my face and some random spots on my neck. 
I ended up having a skin reaction to Salicylic acid in Tenerife with some very itchy dry areas appearing on my chin so I stopped using it for the rest of my pregnancy.
I realised that my skin wanted some extra hydration so I started using the Vichy Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Booster under my moisturiser day and night. 
Also used my favourite hydrating sheet mask from Garnier once a week for a little extra care. 
This Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask does wonders for my skin!

I definitely started to show around 17-18 weeks and with the growing belly and body more stretch marks appeared on my boobs and love handle area. I did use Bio Oil and other body butters and oils but they only helped to keep the area moisturised, the stretch marks kept on popping up anyway...

My boobs were getting heavier and more uncomfortable by the day so I started wearing a bralet for sleep and by the end of the trimester I also changed my work uniform into a more comfortable stretchy maternity dress. Oh yeah, comfort comes first!

I had a rough two weeks around the 23-24 weeks because of my back. I had very bad lower back pain and I struggled to walk because of it.  I thought that that was it, I've never been big on excercise but I lalways loved walking, I won't even be able to do that because every step I took hurt. Thankfully the pain went away after two weeks of limping to and back from work.

I started to feel her kicking from week 21 and my boyfreind felt her kicks the following week. Such a bizarre feeling but it made everything so real! 

We went for our babymoon in October when I was 18-19 weeks pregnant. We choose Tenerife for our destination because we've never been before and also we needed a sunny summer holiday and the temperature was still in the high twenties at this time of the year. 
We had a great time, our hotel was lovely, food was tasty (we went for half-board), it was just what we needed. We only left the hotel for walks in the neighbourhood and for a day in Siam Park for a bit of fun in the water and on the slides. I absolutely loved it and would recommend going if you're in Tenerife! We had a great week enjoying each others company, imagining how our next holiday will be, already as a family of three.

I guess we'll have to get comfy around the children's pool area not the infinity pool at least for the next ten years...


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