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Hello 2018!

 Happy New Year Everybody!
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You probably have came across hundreds of these new years resolutions/goals/plans type of posts the past few weeks but they are one of my favourites to read and as I have not been very active on the blog lately I thought this would be a good post to come back with.

I hope you had a lovely new years eve celebration whether you went out partying or stayed in!
As for me, I spent yesterday with filling out my new diary with birthdays, namedays and anniversaries, tidied the flat, listened to My Favourite Murder podcast all day, watched the last Harry Potter while eating pizza, then watched the fireworks, sang Auld Lang Syne with the TV, had a little dance with prosecco in hand to the new years concert and went to sleep at 1pm after my wild night. Yep, I spent the last day of the year true grandma style, and I am completely fine with that.

I had plenty of time to reminisce about the past year, and I can say that it certainly was not my best but there were some great moments I would like to remember forever.

I guess I should mention the biggest and best moment which was my boyfriend asking me to marry him after nearly 7 years together back in March. Of course I said yes, I could not imagine life without him now.

Another big change was that I left my old company in July and started working at my current place. I had no idea if I made the right decision at the time but I felt that I had to get away from there as the environment did nothing good for me. Looking back, it was the best decision I could have made this year for both my mental and physical health. I am very happy where I am right now and I know that my current position will help me reach my future career goals.

Here are my 18 goals and plans for the year of 2018:

01. The most important thing for me is to keep our relationship happy and harmonious - no drama here in 2018.
02. I will make financially clever decisions, not spend money on unnecessary items, be more sensible and save money for buying property before I turn 30.
03. I will take more time for human relationships, see my friends and family more in 2018, and be less of a loner.
04. I will travel more and also explore more of England with fun road trips.
05. I will concentrate on my German and take time everyday, even if it's just 5 minutes on Duolingo to practice the language and get back to the level I used to be when I left school.
06. I will be more consistent with blogging and post more regularly here, as well as on Instagram.
07. I will take care of myself more - with exercise, a better diet, and will use body lotion more :)
08. I will be more active, and find a form of exercise I actually enjoy (just a little at least).
09. I will take more pictures and will learn how to properly use my DSLR to take better photos.
10. I will walk more and be less lazy on the day to day.
11. I will be more adventurous with cooking and baking. I want to try lots of new recipes and ingredients.
12. I will actually make some plans about our wedding, whether to organise one or to elope.
13. I will spend less time online and in front of the screen.
14. I will book appointments to get my moles and feminine health checked. I have been putting screenings and checkups off way too long and I am rather ashamed by it.
15. I will go to sleep before midnight and get up earlier. Also, don't want to sleep through half of the weekends this year, such a waste of a day off.
16. I will continue decluttering and using up the products I have before buying anything new.
17. I will get out more, be ''less introverted'' and see more of London. Afterall, I live in one of the best cities in the world, I should enjoy it while I'm here. I really want to go to the theatre more this year.
18. I will keep a positive mind and help others whenever I can. Being kind to others doesn't cost you anything, but will make your and someone's day brighter!

I feel very positive about the new year and I feel like it will be a good one.
What are your plans and goals for 2018?


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