Sunday, 22 October 2017

What I watched the past month on Netflix and TV

As I mentioned in my August Netflix post, I wanted to change it up a little bit and also include some of my TV favorites this month because as usual, September brought some great shows to our small screens...

Being a huge Harry Potter and crime fan, there was no question that I will read (and probably love) the Strike novels written by JK Rowling under the pseudonym, Robert Galbraith. There are currently three books in the series which follows private detective Cormoran Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacott investigating murders and finding the real killer.
BBC made the adaptation of the first two books, The Cuckoo's Calling, and The Silkworm into a miniseries and I loved every minute of them. Can't wait to see the third book's adaptation in the new year. (But even more hoping for a new book in the series.)

Doctor Foster Season Two
Every Tuesday night for five weeks Simon, the unfaithful husband became the most hated person in the UK. I enjoyed season two but it wasn't nearly as good as season one and I have very mixed feelings about it. Gemma became annoying and while in the first season I really empathized with her and her situation, this season she acted stupidly and I found myself screaming at the screen ''What are you doing?'' But I guess they did a good job if they get emotions out of viewers, right? 

Another mini-series that started in September was Liar on ITV. The first episode aired the same night as Rellik's on BBC ONE and although I love thrillers, Liar seemed more interesting to me at the time. The story starts very innocently, a man and a woman go on a date after fancying each other for a while but the next day they see the night very differently. He says they had a great time which ended in having consensual sex, while she goes to the police and accuses him of raping her. So the question is who is the lying of the two? 
I don't want to spoil it if you are not up to date but with the last episode, they raised even more questions. 
It has been confirmed that a second season is being made so hopefully, we will have our questions answered very soon.
The Chase
I could not post this without including The Chase. It's been one of my favorite things on TV the past few months and luckily my boyfriend doesn't mind watching it either. It is a UK quiz show where four individuals take on one of the quiz masters (the chaser) before they try to win the sum of money they collected separately and take on the chaser as a team. 
I have to admit that I have what I call the 'Daily Mail knowledge' and I don't know the answer to 80% of the questions but I still love watching it and I like to believe that I learn a few things from each episode. They also have celebrity specials and in the newest version families try their knowledge against one of the chasers. Love it!

The Secret Of Crickley Hall
The main reason I started watching this three episode mini-series was Suranne Jones who also stars in Doctor Foster. This story runs in two eras but are connected by one place, a house called Crickley Hall. In the present day, a young family moves in who are hoping for a new start after their son disappeared. We also find out what happened in the building 60 years ago when it was an orphanage run by a sadistic man and his abusive sister and the children died in a flooding. The family starts to see the ghosts and the mother hopes that they will help locate her missing son. 
I really liked this thriller ghost-story, seriously all these BBC mini-series are great.

Happy Valley
I feel like my 'prayers' have been answered because now season two of Happy Valley is available on Netflix. The police are investigating a new serial murder case and our sergeant, Catherine's private life isn't boring either. I loved the first season and these 6 episodes didn't disappoint either. 

Timeless was another of my favorites this past month. It has a more complicated plot but basically, we have a baddie whose family was killed and he stole a time machine from the government to go back in time and change big historical events in hope that it results in his family staying alive in the present time. The government recruits a historian, a soldier and a programmer who can pilot a time machine to stop him changing the outcome of these big historical events.
If you like history you will probably love it and it's quite educational. 

Once Upon A Time
I absolutely loved Once Upon A Time when it started back in 2011 because it was different from everything else I was watching at the time. It got a bit too confusing after a while with who is bad who is good where they have been taken, all the curses and I stopped in the middle of season 5. 
I need to be in a certain mood to watch OUAT and I felt like I needed some magic and escape to a different world so I ended up watching the rest of season 5 and season 6 this month. 
They are back with the seventh season now, so I know what I will watch with my dinner on Tuesdays.

The Good Place
The Good Place was one of the standout shows this month for me. I binge watched it one Saturday and been catching up weekly since on the new episodes. 
It's a simple concept: Eleanor dies and wakes up in The Good Place, a perfect little town reserved for those who were the most ethical, best people on Earth, while she deep down knows that she was mistaken for someone else more deserving than her...
Again, this show is unique and really funny with a great cast! Would highly recommend!

Gilmore Girls - A Year In The Life
Last year I rewatched the whole series before this four-episode miniseries came out to get up to date with the storyline. In September as a sort of getting into the season's spirit, I watched the four episodes again. There is something very comforting about Gilmore Girls that instantly puts me in a cozy autumnal mood. I love this series and this mother-daughter dou so much and would love to see how their story continues. Please, please, please make more episodes!

Gaga: Five Foot Two
I always thought that Lady Gaga was really talented and liked her songs but I was never a huge fan of the whole image she created with the prosthetics and silly outfits, only the music. 
I really enjoyed this documentary about her life leading up to her epic performance in the Super Bowl halftime show because it was stripped-back and felt real. We are not only shown the good times but many of the situations when she was not feeling well or wasn't shown in the most flattering way. It's real and it made me like her more. 

I bumped into this series so many times as something I would probably like but September was the month I finally got around watching it. Idris Elba plays a detective in this London-based crime series and he's/it's seriously good. There are 4 seasons with 18 episodes, perfect for rainy autumn weekend bingeing.

I have watched a few movies as well but none of them really stood out as a super amazing must-watch.  Here is the list though: Paper Towns, Autumn Dreams, #realityhigh, Drowning, Carrie Pilby, Selfless, The Child In Time (well, ok, this was very emotional and Benedict Cumberbatch makes everything worth watching...) Mistress America, and the cutest and probably my favorite of the bunch Hotel Transylvania 2.

What have you been watching and enjoying lately?

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  1. Gilmore Girls is definitely one of my favorite shows! xx

    1. One of my all-time favourite show as well! :) xx

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