Saturday, 7 October 2017

A Special Boots Haul

Funny how I planned a ''Tips How To Save" post for today and it turned into a haul in the end, but life had other plans I guess.
I have not mentioned it here on the blog yet but I have started working at a new place around 6 weeks ago now and I absolutely love it so far. I fill a receptionist/property manager position at a huge office, where it turns out Boots with Liz Earle, Sleek MakeUp and Soap&Glory are one of the tenants.
As we are in October, and it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Boots had a product sale in our building's lobby yesterday with proceeds going to charities. Shopping for a good cause always feels better, doesn't it?
It started at 11am but people (well, girls) started queuing up from 10:40 and by 11 the queue was around 15 meters long. I certainly wasn't the only one excited about the sale...
I had a great view of what was happening from the reception and have been checking what products they put out since the morning. I was worried that by the time my break rolls around nothing I liked the look of will be available.
There was one bag especially, full of Liz Earl products that seemed like an amazing value and I really wanted to get my hands on it but they had very limited amounts.
In the end, one of the lovely ladies brought one over for me before they started the sale and she made my day with that!
I have been meaning to try more products from the brand for some time because I love and repurchase the Cleanse and Polish for years but never picked up anything else. This was the perfect opportunity to get to know more products from Liz Earle's range.
Now, this is one heavy bag, but considering that it hides seven full-size products (nine if we include the muslin cloth and the bag itself) and it was only £18, I consider it the deal of the year.
Just by unzipping the gorgeous canvas bag we are hit by that characteristic Liz Earle scent that I adore. I have not tried any of these products before, and I'm thinking of saving a few of them to give as Christmas gifts for my Mom and Grandma.

The bag includes:
Nourishing Botanical Body Cream
Brightening Treatment Mask (I'm definitely the most excited about this one)
Rosemary and Rock Rose Hand Wash
Botanical Essence No.20
Energising Body Scrub 

When it was time for my break I decided to get a closer look at the other things they were selling and thankfully by that time there were only a handful of people looking through the products.
They lined up a number of skincare items that I don't think they sell in the UK stores. I like trying different eye creams so I picked up this Recontouring Eye Serum which promises to visibly improve dark circles for a smoother, firmer feeling eye contour.
I also picked up this Soap&Glory The Perfect Ten eyeshadow palette for only £3! They had a beautiful mountain of these palettes at the beginning of the sale for £5 then they lowered the price closer to the end of the event, and I simply couldn't leave without one. 
It has some nice everyday shades mainly shimmers, and three matte colors. 
I don't really know why but I never spend any time around the Sleek counters when I'm in store so I am not too familiar with their products. One item stood out for me from the products they offered on the sale though: the Diamonds In The Rough eyeshadow palette. I immediately was drawn to these beautiful gold and rose shades. They swatch beautifully, I hope that they will look just as good on the eyelids as on the hands.
The other product from Sleek Makeup I got was this quad in Moroccan Myth. It includes three very wearable powder shadows and a dark brown gel to be used as a liner. This will definitely be a gift for my Mom. She is not that into makeup but with this quad, she could create some easy eye looks on those days when she can be bothered with makeup.

I am really happy with the products I purchased in this unexpected haul. I spent £27 and I got so many items for that! Have you tried any of these products yet?



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