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My Month On Netflix - August 2017

August is gone, and as in June and July, I am here with a ''quick'' summary of what I've watched on Netflix this month. I got my thriller kick from two books this month (as you might have read in my August Favourites) so I was craving light, easy and not too aggressive shows and movies.

Last Tango In Halifax
Thanks to the modern technology, Facebook and their grandsons, two pensioners in their seventies, Celia and Alan arrange a date after not seeing each other since their teenage years. The date doesn't go very smoothly but sparks fly between the two and they decide to get married after the eventful first date. They both have a daughter who live very different lives, one thing is common though, their love lives are very complicated. We see two families unite thanks to the romance between the elderly couple.
This has to be my favourite show this month, it's real, funny and uplifting. I absolutely loved it, wish I had discovered it sooner.

Happy Valley
Same writer and lead actress as in Last Tango In Halifax but a completely different story. 
Sarah Lancashire (who is absolutely amazing) plays police sergeant, Catherine in this Yorkshire-based crime drama. She is still trying to cope with her daughter's suicide while raising her grandson who is a constant reminder of her daughter. When she learns that her daughter's rapist (and father of her grandson) is released from prison she is restless to find him. Not realizing yet that he might be behind a kidnapping they are investigating her personal and professional life starts to intertwine.
These are the type of series I tend to go for, some crime, investigating, who did it type of a thing. Really liked it, although there are many aggressive, bloody scenes that are not very pleasant to watch. There is a second season out already which is not on Netflix yet (why???) and a third one coming in 2018.

New Blood
In this London-based series two investigators - Rash, a trainee detective and Stefan, a fraud investigator - cross each other's path several times until they realize that they are working on the same case. They manage to solve it together and friendship forms between them. There are 7 episodes in the first season and they work on 3 separate cases. Again, great crime drama and it's actually also funny.
The only question is: Why haven't I realized sooner that BBC does the best series?

The Mist
This TV show is an adaptation of Stephen King's book of the same title. 
A mysterious mist rolls into the small town of Bridgeville creating fear among the residents who soon find out that there is something in the mist that kills whoever enters it.
The first season had 10 episodes and they left the ending open maybe to continue with a second season. All in all, I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. I would watch a second season because there are some unanswered questions that I would like to know the answers to.

You Me Her
I have talked about this series last month too, now I have finished the second season of it. It's about a polyamorous relationship between a couple in their thirties and a college student, living in a conservative, family-oriented neighbourhood. I really liked it, looking forward to the third season.

Orphan Black
I wrote about Orphan Black before on the blog, but it's only right to say goodbye to it here after the show's final episode wrapped up the series this month. It's about clones and it's great. Just go and watch it, you will love it.

Chesapeake Shores
This American TV show kept coming up in my recommended programs so I started watching it. It is a Hallmark Channel program so I kind of knew already what to expect. No sex, no aggression, very family-oriented, pretty and romantic. For some reason, it reminds me of Hart of Dixie and Gilmore Girls (both I loved!), maybe because of the American small town feeling. 
The show is based in Chesapeake Shores and centres around the O'Brien family. Divorced parents, five kids stayed with Dad and raised by the Grandma, now all grown up and back in the big family home. The story is mainly focusing on the eldest, Abby who after living in New York and building a successful career goes through a divorce and moves back home with her two daughters. Her high school sweetheart, Trace is also back in town after leaving his country band behind in Nashville so you can guess where the story goes from here...
It's a feel good show with beautiful people, likeable characters, some country music, lovely scenery, romance and super white smiles. 
Series like this make me want to own a beautiful, big house by the water have five kids, a husband and a big dog. 

On his wedding day, Rob wakes up in an elevator on the opposite part of the town, with the guests waiting for him in the church, no time to get there, oh and butt naked. He has to relive this hour until he gets everything right for his fiance's dream wedding. Obviously, it is not an Oscar-worthy movie nor is it trying to be one but it is entertaining and funny in its own way.

The Beach
I have never got around watching this movie and I honestly had no idea what it was really about. All I knew that it starred the young and handsome Leo Dicaprio and the soundtrack was Pure Shores by All Saints. Should be enough reason to watch it, right?
Leo plays Richard, a young American looking for adventure in Bangkok. At their hostel, he meets Duffy, a crazy guy who tells him about an island where he lived with several others and formed a community. He basically describes a paradise location with a white sand beach, a lagoon and carefree life. Duffy commits suicide but leaves Richard with a map to the island. He convinces a French couple in the hostel to look for the place and so the adventure begins...
I really liked this movie, shouldn't have taken me 17 years to watch it.

What Happened To Monday
In the future when the government enforces a one child policy, secretly seven identical sisters are brought up by their grandfather and live a hidden life. They are each named after a day of the week and can only leave the flat on their day. Monday can only go outside on Mondays, Tuesday on Tuesdays, and so on...They all have different personalities and styles, but they learn how to mask themselves to take up the same identity, Karen Settman. Everything goes according to plan until one day Monday doesn't come home. 
Hm, I didn't love it like I thought I would (probably based on thinking it would be something similar to Orphan Black), but I would still recommend watching it.

A modern, urban take on the Beauty and the Beast story. I didn't like it.

Very Good Girls
Two best friends fall for the same guy. He fancies one of them. Will this break up a life-long friendship? 
I think it's a more relevant story for a younger generation who are dealing with first loves, losing virginity and all that...

A Family Man
Gerard Butler plays a father of two, who works as a recruitment agent. As someone who has to support his family from a target-driven, commission-based job, he spends most of his time at work because he thinks that is how he can provide for his family the best. His wake-up call is when his son is diagnosed with leukaemia and realises that he needs to get his priorities straight. 
This movie really resonated with me because I had a commission-based job where you get out what you put in. The more hours you spend on the phone the bigger the chance is that you'll have a great month. But, is it worth it not really having a personal life? Well, it's not... 
I really loved this movie, I think it's really fitting in our career-obsessed, money-chasing world.

Ricki and the Flash
I love Meryl Streep, she is a mutual favourite of my Mom and I and we try to watch all her movies. She has seen this already so I 'had' to catch up. 
Meryl Streep plays Ricki, a not very maternal character who left her family to pursue a career as a rock singer in LA. When she gets a call from her ex-husband that her daughter (played by her actual daughter) was left by her husband and tried committing suicide she flies back home to help in her own way. 
This woman is great in any movie she stars in, isn't she? It's not my favourite of hers, but it was an entertaining one-time watch.

September tends to be really good for TV. There are a number of shows I am really looking forward to watching like Strike, the second season of Doctor Foster, The Great British Bakeoff or Celebrity Masterchef so this might turn into a general what have I enjoyed watching the past month post, rather than strictly concentrating on Netflix, but we'll see. 

Have you seen any of these TV shows or movies? What have you been watching this month? Anything you would recommend?



  1. Ooo this totally reminds me to catch up on the latest season of Orphan Black. I watched What Happened To Monday not that long ago and I actually really enjoyed it, plus I liked the concept and I'm a sucker for futuristic stuff.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I'm glad it reminded you to watch the last season!😉 xx

  2. I watched the first season of Happy Valley recently too and I really enjoyed it, I love that genre! My mum keeps telling me to watch last tango in halifax so I must try that one too!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. First I thought that Last Tango in Halifax was for our Mom's generation only (mine would love it too :D) but I enjoyed it so much! :)


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