Tuesday, 29 August 2017

August Favourites

August for me seemed like a slow month. I was alone for two weeks while my boyfriend was visiting friends and family back home and although I love being alone, I will have to say that I got a little lonely and couldn't wait for him to come back to London.
I have enjoyed a mix of products this month ranging from skincare and makeup to books and food, so get ready for a bit of a random August favourites.
Since I have gone back on the pill I feel like my whole body is drying out. I don't want to complain because when I wasn't on it I have suffered from body acne and it was really playing with my confidence. 
I think it's part being back on the pill, part going into the colder months, part getting older but now I have to deal with dehydrated and dry skin. I'm sure everyone has heard of the super affordable, yet effective The Ordinary range by now. I had a small haul from ASOS back in spring but I only started to really incorporate some of the items into my daily routine when my skin started to change.
The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5  serum has been a favourite from the start to use under my moisturiser and I am close to using it up now but the Natural Moisturising Factors + Ha cream came into the equation to combat my dry skin situation because it was too heavy when I had oilier skin. These two together have been a dream and I  can't recommend them enough for anyone who suffers from dehydrated, or dry skin. 
I haven't been very adventurous with makeup the recent weeks and I tend to put on the same look every time I leave the flat. Foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer and these three items. 
On my eyes, I use this MAC shade called Summer Haze which was in a mineralised limited edition collection ages ago. I have been using this for years and it still doesn't show any signs of a dent. It is a beautiful golden champagne shade, perfect for an all over wash of colour. 
For my lashes, I have been loving ''the mascara of the moment'', the L'Oreal Paradise. I wrote a post on this if you would like a full review, but all in all, it is a very no effort needed item and I am very happy with the volume it creates. 
For my lips, I have been reaching for the Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive. I fell back in love with this lipstick since I managed to get my hands on it again. It's a beautiful rose pink, the perfect my lips but better shade which is super comfortable on the lips.
I have never mentioned this product before although I have been using it on-off probably since I was 12. They have different versions targeting different hair concerns so everyone can find the product that would suit their needs. My Mom uses it, most of my friends have a bottle, my hairdresser swears by it. If you have long, dry, tangly hair you need to try this Gliss Our Total Repair Leave-in Conditioner. I used up my last bottle 3 months ago and hoped that I will find it again in Superdrug but it seems they stopped stocking this range from Schwarzkopf. My boyfriend visiting Hungary came in handy because it is so easily available everywhere at home so I put this on my wishlist. 
I forgot how pleasant and pain-free combing my hair through after washing can be. I use it on towel dry hair and spritz all over, probably 10-12 spritzes and the comb just glides right through my hair afterwards. I have used it before on dry hair to help brush out knots and it works beautifully fir that too. It would also be great if you have an inpatient little girl with long hair in your household, she will thank you for not pulling her hair when brushing it.  
I have been trying to take better care of my nails lately and leave them without polish for longer. On my bare nails, I love using the My Little Beauty Strengthening treatment. It smells of apricots and makes my nails grow stronger and faster.
When I wear nail polish I reach for the Avoplex cuticle oil by OPI to nourish and repair the cuticles. I find that the polish lasts longer if I do this and my hands look nicer in general because I don't have those crusty, dry bits on my thumbs anymore.
Ok, so it's getting a bit random from here...
I have mentioned in a previous post that I would like to change some parts of my lifestyle and eventually lose some weight. I love coffee but I drink way too much of it so to have an alternative to green tea and water I have been drinking fruit teas. I have to mention this raspberry and peach tea from Knightsbridge that I discovered this month on a trip to Lidl. It is so fruity, and refreshing. It tastes equally as nice when drank hot or iced.
Part of my lifestyle change is cutting out my favourite sweet treats, the Muller Rice and Muller Corner yoghurts. I love yoghurts and this peach and passionfruit one from Danone has been my favourite alternative this month. I know it's not the healthiest thing but I like it. Also, I noticed that I have been going for the peach versions when I can pick from multiple fruity options. It used to be strawberry every time. I guess my taste is changing.

One of my best friends from high school, Lili lives in Germany and we got into the habit of sending cards and letters to each other, sometimes with old teenage pictures included. Receiving a letter or a cute card just because someone thought of you and made the effort to go to the post to send it is pretty amazing. It is so much more personal than an email or a message on Facebook and can be a great surprise. I haven't been having the greatest of months behind me and her cards really cheered me up every time.

I have received a 'little' care package from home this month.  My Mom sent me some amazing stuff, a mix of things she knows that I would love. She sent me these gold stud earrings which are right up my street and I have been wearing them since.
She also sent me some books that she enjoyed reading because we tend to go for the same genre. When I was younger I was a little bookworm but lately, I have been reaching more for the remote control and less for books. When it comes to books I only enjoy reading in my mother tongue and I only get fully invested in a story when I read it in Hungarian.
If I find a good book I can't go on with my life until I know what happens in the story. I absolutely loved these two thrillers and read both in two days.

Into The Water is by the same author, Paula Hawkins who wrote the bestseller Girl on the train.
Into The Water is set in the small town of Beckford where many women found her death in the river that runs through the town. Two women died in the river within a few weeks, teenager Katie and her best friend's mother, Nel. Were their deaths connected? Did they commit suicide or did someone push them off the cliff into the waves to cover up some secrets?
It is a bit difficult to keep up with who is who in the beginning because we see the story through many characters' eyes and jumping between years but I got into it really fast and couldn't put it down. And as with many of these type of thrillers, everything you thought you knew changes when you read the last sentence.

The other book, which I think I enjoyed even more, was Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott. It reminded me a little bit of Gone Girl because it's about a girl, Olivia who disappears with her three children and all the evidence points to the husband. It's a more complex, bit of a twisted and creepy story but for some reason, I really enjoy those.

I don't know about you but I am ready for September now! :) What have you been loving over the past month?



  1. I really want to try out the ordinary, I've heard such great things about it. I also like the sound of My Little Beauty Strengthening treatment aswell, It's such a nice idea to send cards, I'd love to start doing that!.
    Charlie | http://www.charlieswonderland.co.uk/

    1. The Ordinary products are fantastic and so affordable! :) I really want to try more of their range...


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