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Mascara Diaries: L'Oréal Paradise Extatic Mascara

I planned a trip to the Boots in Marble Arch earlier this week to pick up this L'Oréal Paradise Extatic mascara just to find that it's not out on the shelves yet. I was a bit disappointed because I saw it on the website earlier but then I went to Superdrug next door and they even had a separate display for this new mascara and the eyebrow pomades that came out in the same collection.

I have a feeling that this will be the next hyped up drugstore mascara in the UK and I wanted to see for myself what it can actually do. I heard a lot of people saying that it is a dupe for the bestselling Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, which I didn't have the chance to try so I can't comment on those claims but I have to admit that there are similarities in the brush shape and the general appearance of the mascara tube.

The Promise:
Take your lashes to paradise with intense volume and spectacular length. The Ultra-Soft brush coats lashes with a silky smooth formula; enriched with lash-loving castor oil. Lashes feel feather-soft; without any flaking.

- 90% saw intense & volumised lashes
- +98% lengthening effect
- 91% agree it doesn't flake

The Packaging:
Let's talk about the packaging. It comes in a pretty paper case which is not very common in the UK but I actually prefer the fuss-free access to the product. (Superdrug's mascara wrapping techniques generally piss me off.)
The mascara comes in a simple peachy bronze tube with a rose gold lid, very young and trendy. Did they have bloggers in mind?
On the packaging, it says Ricinus oil(= Castor seed oil) which I remember from my teenage years helps hair growth. We used to go to the pharmacy to buy it in small bottles and slathered it on our hair and eyelashes, hoping to wake up as Rapunzel. It also has laxative effects so I'm not sure if it's so easily available in the UK but in Hungary, you can get it without a problem if you say what you want to use it for. (*Makes mental note to get a bottle next time visiting*)

The Brush:
On paper this mascara sounds right up my street, promising intense volume and spectacular length but I honestly didn't expect much from it solely judging by the bristles. I usually achieve the best results with plastic bristles and I can't even remember the last time when I used a mascara with these kinds of classic nylon bristles. The brush is apparently ultra soft and has an hourglass shape.

The mascara is not too wet which I like but I have a feeling that it will dry out faster than my other mascaras. Having the castor oil as an ingredient I expect it to be nourishing on the lashes.

Before and After Pictures:
I used one coat of mascara and no eyelash curlers. (I'm scared of them...)

Love it or Hate it?
I love drugstore mascaras and L'Oréal has the best selection in my opinion. They cater to all mascara concerns: lengthening, volumizing, curling, separating... My all-time favourite is the L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara that I always have a tube of.
As I mentioned above, I didn't expect much from the Paradise mascara because of the brush but after trying it for a few days, I actually really like it! It doesn't create a false lash effect for me but I'm honestly over that crispy, lashes touching the brows look for every day.
I love how easy it is to achieve volumised, clump-free lashes. It doesn't take any effort or continuous layering to get the desired look, one coat does the trick. For me, it is more volumizing than lengthening but I prefer it that way. It's very comfortable, doesn't feel heavy on my lashes and it didn't flake or smudge throughout the day. And when it came to taking my makeup off, it washed off easily. 

I would recommend this mascara and I hate to admit it, but it deserves the hype from the American bloggers! 

You can get your hands on the Paradise Extatic mascara for an introductory price of £9.99 at the moment both from Superdrug and Boots!

It will be £11.99 from the end of August. Is it just me or that is expensive for a drugstore mascara?
I better buy a backup...

Are you planning to give this mascara a go? Or have you tried it already? 


  1. I have recently just picked up this mascara, but I haven't used it yet.
    Alicia x

    1. Hey Alicia! You should give it a go soon, might become your favourite! 😉xx

  2. This Mascara review is really awesome. Thanks to share this beautiful Mascara review. It's really helpful for eye makeups. I believe makeup is an important part of women's life. I love to use mascara like this one for my eye and my favorite Liquid Matte Lipsticks for my lip. I can't imagine a single day without my makeups.

    1. I agree with you, Sandra. Makeup is such a big part of my everyday life, love how it gives me a boost of confidence. :) xx


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