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Making some Lifestyle changes?

I did a workout the other day and it made me realise how seriously out of shape I am. I was out of breath after 3 minutes and my muscles were aching from the exercise I ''tortured'' them with.
I stepped on the scale the next morning, something I was scared to do the past six months or so and I was shocked. I knew I gained weight but didn't think that I have reached the dreaded 70kgs! I let myself go big time and I can't blame anyone but myself.

This is the heaviest I have ever been with around 10-12 kgs away from my ideal weight.
I know it's not about the number on the scale and I wouldn't care if I was happy with what I see in the mirror but I am not and it started to mess with my confidence.
I am lucky in a way that when I gain weight it gets distributed evenly on my whole body. The proportions stay the same, everything just gets a little bit bigger.

Now, I never had my dream figure, but at this point when I'm looking at bikini pictures from 2-3 years ago I wish to have that body again. It's funny because back then I was very unhappy with those pictures and with my body. How times change! Are women ever satisfied with how they look?

How did I get to this point?

I quit my waitressing job 19 months ago and went from being on my feet and running around all day to staying at home for months until I started my job as an estate agent. This meant that from 8 am until 8:30 pm I either sat in the office or in the car. When I got home in the evenings I was so hungry that I ate whatever I could get my hands on while I was cooking my actual dinner. I ate because I was stressed and needed the food for comfort. I was so unhappy in that job that I needed something to cheer me up and I turned to food. This meant daily trips to the shop for my Kinder Bueno fix. Unhealthy lifestyle paired with no exercise and naturally, the pounds piled on and my size went from a UK 8-10 to a 12-14...

Why I want to change my lifestyle?

I have a number of reasons.

We got engaged in March and even though we made no plans regarding the wedding whatsoever and I'm in no rush walking down the aisle,  when it will come to that in a few years I would like to look my absolute best.

My boyfriend (I hate the word fiance and I refuse to refer to him with that word) has known me for almost 8 years and my weight has fluctuated in that time between 51kgs-70kgs.
Now, he would never say anything to insult me about my weight but I know that he prefers me when I am thinner and I want him to find me attractive.

I am 27 now and I would like to have a baby before I turn 30. I want to be in a good shape before falling pregnant to have an easier/healthier pregnancy as well as bouncing back to a healthy weight once the baby has arrived.

I've been doing a big declutter around the flat and when it came to my wardrobe I had to realise that 80% of my clothes don't fit me anymore. I wish I could afford to get rid of everything and buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes, but that would be an 'I won the lottery!' kind of situation. Which I know will happen one day but that day hasn't come yet...:D
So, I need to lose weight to fit into my clothes again.

And lastly to feel more confident in my skin.

What changes am I planning to make?

Regular Excercise

I am not a very active person, I've never been a sporty one, unfortunately. I absolutely hate sweating and exercises where I need to go down on the floor or put my head down (sit-ups, anyone?).

Signing up to the gym would be money out the window because I never went even when I had a membership, it's just not my scene. The gym is a 3-minute walk from where we live and when we moved here we swore we will get fit... I think I went 4 times altogether (in 3 years!!) and didn't cancel my membership for four months....Not doing that again.

Instead, I will do some workouts in the comfort of my living room. I had my moments with HIIT workouts in the past, I especially love Lucy Wyndham-Read's videos on You Tube. I love how quick, but still effective her workouts are so I will do those daily and also get back to walking more. 
Starting a workout is always the hard part, but I always feel great afterwards and I'm happy that I did something for my health.

Dietary changes

Making these changes will be the harder part of this journey.
I am one who likes to eat her calories rather than drink them. I don't remember the last time I had alcohol and I very rarely have fizzy drinks. I love water, green tea and coffee (that I need to cut down on).
But when it comes to food, I love everything that is considered bad for you (proof on my Instagram). Fried food, burgers, pizza, pasta, all the cheese, bread, pastries, Nutella...
I love fruits but I am not a fan of vegetables. Confession: I don't think I ever ate a pepper in my life. And that's a more common vegetable, some of the new fancy, fashionable vegetables I don't even know the name of...

I have also been having some digestive issues and I think I finally traced it back to gluten. Having a bloated tummy, rashes and itchiness all over my body, as well as the runs to the toilet after having food high in gluten is not very pleasant.
Completely cutting out gluten would be the best option but I know myself and my love for a freshly baked baguette or a pain au chocolat once in a while...
All my favourite food has gluten in them and as stupid as I am I will risk getting sick for a minute of joy but can't indulge every day so I will minimise my gluten consumption.

I will start my day with apple cider vinegar water that worked for me for so long, and I don't remember why I stopped doing it.

In our household, someone eats mayonnaise with each meal. There could be no other explanation for using up a big bottle in less than two weeks. That someone really needs to stop...

I will cut down on portion sizes and include more greens in my diet.

I will try vegetables that I have never tried before. Kale, broccoli, asparagus, here I come!

I will swap the afternoon coffee to green tea and the morning latte to dairy-free latte. I think this won't be a problem, as I recently discovered the barista edition of Oatly (contains very low gluten) which foams up nicely and tastes just as nice in my latte as cow's milk does.

This pains me but I need to take the fact that maybe not everything needs a bacon upgrade (although, no one can deny that everything tastes better with bacon)...

I will skip dessert more and maybe have a cup of tea instead.

No more eating out of boredom or snacking at midnight.

All these dietary changes start with grocery shopping so if I get that right and don't fill my basket with crap I will be fine. If it's not in my kitchen cupboard there is no chance for me eating it, right?

These are the changes I am planning to make at the moment and I think most of them are doable with some self-discipline.
I gained the weight over time so I don't expect to lose it in two weeks. I gave myself a deadline to lose 8kgs by Christmas because that's when I plan to visit home to see my family and I want to look good on the family photos...:D

I think putting my goals out on the internet even if no one will read it will make me feel accountable and more motivated to produce some results.
I took some measurements and some before pictures for a follow-up post for the end of the year. I'm a sucker for Before-After pictures. :)

In the meantime please leave me any tips or tricks that worked for you!
Do you have any favourite healthy snacks or recipes that you would recommend?


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