Thursday, 24 August 2017

MAC Lipstick Collection

The sleek black packaging, the fun names, the distinctive vanilla scent, the different formulas and all those gorgeous shades. Although there are new makeup brands appearing almost every month and more new collections are coming out each season than we could possibly keep track of, I do think that there is still something special about using a MAC lipstick.
I picked up all of mine with the Back2MAC programme where if you take back 6 MAC empties you can choose a free lipstick.
I always loved to see which shades others picked and I thought why not show you my modest collection, you might enjoy these type of posts too!

Shy Girl - Creme Sheen
I didn't have anything even similar to this shade in my collection before because I thought that these sort of beige nude shades would totally wash me out and make me look ill. I picked this up after watching Sharon Farrell's Top 5 Lipsticks for Pale Skin video recommending a number of MAC shades and decided that this will be the first one I will try. It has a peachy tone which helps not to look dead and actually looks really good on me. To my biggest surprise, I reach for Shy Girl the most from these shades because I find it very easy to pair with most makeup looks.
Lustering - Lustre
Lustering is a bright, but wearable cool pink shade that will help your teeth look brighter and whiter. It's a little bit out there for me so this is probably my least worn shade among my MAC lipsticks. It is a more sheer formula so although it is super comfortable on the lips it tends to wear off fairly quickly.
Vegas Volt - Amplified
This is my favourite orangey, coral lipstick. The amplified formula is creamy, comfortable to wear and this shade brightens my face and makes my green eyes pop. I love wearing it in the spring-summer months.
Brave - Satin
Brave is a brownish pink shade, perfect for everyday wear. I love the colour but I find the satin formula really drying so I usually put this over a lip balm.
Cosmo - Amplified
When I used up my NARS Dolce Vita lipstick I wanted to find a dupe for it from the MAC shades and Cosmo came the closest. It is really similar to the above-mentioned Brave, a pinky brown shade but I enjoy using it more only because the Amplified formula is really creamy and very comfortable on the lips. 
Syrup - Lustre
Many of my favourite YouTubers were raving about this lipstick and it looked really pretty on them so I gave in and got it. It's a beautiful dark pink shade with a bit of purple undertone. On me, it looks more purple than pink and shows up quite dark. It is really comfortable and an easy shade to wear though, I can see why it's so popular.
Captive - Satin
Captive is a vampy, dark plum, a perfect shade for autumn-winter. I didn't get much wear out of this yet, I hope to use it more as we go into the colder months. 

I am already 'collecting' empties for another B2M and I want to pick either another nude or a red this time because that is really missing from my collection.

I would love to know which MAC shades are your favourites for some inspiration!



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