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My Month On Netflix - June 2017

I spend a lot of time on Netflix so I thought to make this a regular monthly post and talk through what I have been watching the previous month and what my thoughts were of them.

I rarely watch TV anymore since I have a subscription to Netflix. I hate that the ads keep interrupting and honestly I'm not awed by the options. I still like a few property and cooking shows but that's about it, and honestly, I would be absolutely fine without those as well.

The whole obsession with Netflix started when we moved to our current flat 3 years ago and my boyfriend wanted to buy a smart TV. I didn't really care until I have noticed that our pre-loved TV had a pre-loved Netflix account and I can access it through our sleek new thing in the living room...
I know, I know, not a very ethical move on my side but I didn't care at the time. Sooo many more options opened up and I was ready to explore the world of Netflix.
It was only a few weeks until the account's owner realised that he never binge-watched 90210 (yeah, he was more of an action movie fan) and changed the password. By that time I was already hooked on a few shows and had my eye on even more so naturally, I subscribed. I feel like back then it was still early days of the UK Netflix (kinda like how I feel when I go home and access the Hungarian one) but with time they improved on the selection and everyone can find movies and TV series they would like.

I'm someone who likes to have something in the background when I'm on my laptop, getting ready or cleaning the flat, whether it's a YouTube video or a TV show, so I do go through series faster than a lot of people would...

So here are the series I've watched this month.

Gossip Girl

By mid April I finished Girlboss, 13 Resons Why, and watched the last episode of Suits. I needed a new addictive show but I didn't like the look of anything. I felt like rewatching the whole series because there was nothing even similar to this show. Honestly, I just missed the scheming Blair and Serena's hair and wardrobe...:D I actually can't beleive that I finished 6 seasons in two months.
Obviously, there was no big surprise in the storyline having it watched for the second time, but there were so many characters and episodes I completely forgot about. I would 100% recommend this show, and in a few years time, I will probably watch it again.

After I finished Gossip Girl I filled the void with Riverdale. It kept coming up as a recommendation but for some reason, I thought it will be another vampire/warewolf high school show and I ignored it for months. This series is about the small, quiet town of Riverdale and it centers around a group of highschool friends and a murder that shook up the town.
A few resons why I love this show: it has one good-looking cast, I love the fashion, hair and makeup, the music is great, and I like the storyline as well. I'm a sucker for a bit of murder mystery.
It only has one season at the moment with 13 episodes, while second season premiers this October. Really looking forward to it!

Sense 8
This is a Netflix original about 8 individuals (sensates) who are mentally and emotionally linked. They can sense and communicate with each other, as well as share their knowledge, language and skills. They all live in different parts of the world but are connected in mind. We get to know them all individually and see what they do, what challenges they are facing in their day to day lives and see how they help each other out in some life-threatening situations. Obviously, they are also chased by an organisation. (Duh, living in fear of course.)
This is a show that is hard to describe because there are so many elements to it, but I would definitely recommend checking it out. I really liked the diversity in the characters with regards to their religious beliefs, sexual orientation and gender identity.  It's good to see an open-minded show.
As a bit of a warning, there are a lot of lengthy sex scenes, so maybe don't watch it with young siblings (or your parents)... 
Unfortunately, they stopped after two seasons. It's a real shame.

Meh... 8 episodes of meh. I missed the originality in this show. It's a Brazilian mix of Divergent and Hunger Games. It's set in a dystopian world where every 20 year old gets one chance to get out of the poverty stricken Inland and live in the Offshore where everything is beautiful and amazing. They have to prove that they deserve the better life by completing different tasks because only 3% gets the chance to move to the Offshore. The show follows one of the groups battle to get through the different tasks. I think the story was a bit rushed and just not original in any way. Oh, and why did we not get a glimpse of the dream world that is the Offshore? How do they and also us, the viewer know that it is worth risking lives for? It just didn't convince me at all...

Pretty Little Liars
Oh, 7 years of my life! Isn't that what everyone has to say who watched from the beginning?:D
I will be completely honest and admit that I have lost the plot so many times over the seven seasons, I just wanted it to end without complicating the story further. Characters died but then they actually didn't, by the time you forgot people's names they reappeared, all the murders and love stories...Got worse than a latin soap opera and I just wanted to know who the f A or now A.D. was and have closure. (By the way, if I'm not alone and you're also confused about all the murders and hookups,  this link could be a great help for you.)
Ok, so the season finale. I didn't mind that they went with the Spencer's twin story (what a ridiculous accent though, right?) in the end but would have been nicer to reveal someone from the original characters instead of introducing someone we didn't know about until the last episode. The main characters all ended up with the partners they were supposed to be with from the start, getting engaged, married, having babies, the usual way of life you know.
They left the story open ready for a spinoff with a new generation of little liars which was unnecessary in my opinion. If they ever do a spinoff they should do it with the wine-loving Rosewood mums or even better, Mona! I just love me some crazy Mona! :)
I will probably rewatch all the episodes in the future.

Orphan Black

Orphan Black came back with the 5th season in June! Yaaay! I simply love this show and I look forward to it every Sunday now. It's about a group of clones who are hunted by an organisation who essentially created them. They all have their own personalities and back stories. I like the main character, Sarah the least but love Helena and Alison (and her husband Donnie...:D) the most.
The actress, Tatiana Maslany who plays the main characters is so convincing, you just don't think it's the same person playing all those characters. The way she walks, her facial expressions, accent, the tone of her voice... all of the clones she portrays are different. She is absolutely amazing.
I think this will be the final season so you can still catch up by the time the finale comes around!

Mad Men

I started watching it because I heard so many good reviews but it didn't suck me in even after the second episode. I want to love it and I think eventually I would but I need to watch a few more episodes of it. Do you guys watch Mad Men? Does it get really good?

Better Call Saul
I watched the whole of Breaking Bad with my boyfriend and as this is a spinoff from BB we have been watching it together every week. It's alright but I wouldn't miss it. It doesn't have the same exciting storyline and some episodes can be simply boring. My problem is that there is not a lot of talking so I actually have to watch the screen to be able to follow the story.

It's hard to find something we both like. I enjoy more girly shows, while he likes things like Family Guy,  Top Gear and fishing shows like River Monsters. Yeah, those are not for me (altough I don't mind Top Gear in small doses).

And the movies:


I loved it. I think it was based on food writer, Nigel Slater's memoir and childhood and how he became obsessed with food... I usually love everything Helena Bonham Carter plays in, she's just great.

The Captive

This isn't your usual happy, funny, Ryan Reynolds movie. The story is about a little girl who was kidnapped by an online pedophile group and still kept after she grew up to lure other children in. Ryan Reynolds plays his father who is desparate to find her and feels guilty after he was supposed to look after her when she was abducted. It is definitely a more serious and a bit of a disturbing movie, not a light watch.

While We're Young
A bored, childless couple in their forties befriends a hip and exciting young couple in their twenties. This new friendship opens their eyes on what they are missing out on and how differenty the younger generation is approaching life compared to their baby-obsessed middle-aged friends and makes them question what they really want to do with their own lives. I liked it.

Sleepless In Seattle 
A romantic 90s American movie starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. I think I was the last one on Earth who hasn't seen this. Good to see it one time.

Spooks: The Greater Good 
Only wanted to watch it because it's based in London and stars 'John Snow'...:D Was alright. For me all action movies are the same: Guns, cars, serious faces, running around, bombs, fire etc...

Jack Reacher
Another try at an action movie. Same as above. :D

You Get Me 

I got some '13 Reasons Why' vibes from this movie. There is something about Bella Thorne that I just really don't like and this opinion is not influenced by her delusional character in this movie. She plays Holly who starts stalking and harassing Tyler after they shared a drunken night together. Obviously he gets back together with his ex-girlfriend after he sobered up which brings out the crazy in Holly.
I liked it, finally something a bit different.

The Right Kind Of Wrong 
Starring Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse in True Blood) this is a very light-hearted romantic movie about a guy who falls in love with a girl on her wedding day and tries to make her fall in love with him despite being publicly humiliated wherever he goes because of his ex-wife's blog and book. Another one time watch.

Did you watch any of these shows or movies? Anything you love on Netflix that is worth checking out? Also, what do you watch with your partners that you both enjoy?


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