Wednesday, 12 July 2017

My Little Box - Seashell / July 2017

Lifestyle Bits
A set of two cards and two envelopes to promote life outside of the online world and a different way of communicating.
I love sending and receiving cards so I like the idea behind this, but I wouldn't chose these two to send to my friends or family members. I will put them in my craft box and maybe I get to use them in my scrapbook in the future.
 My Little Box - Hanging Candleholder
Two tealights and matching paper holders. Again, cute packaging that goes with the theme of the box but I'm not really impressed. The tealights could have been 'ocean' or 'seabreeze' scented to make them a bit special. I will keep the tealights but the paper holders will go in the bin. Even though they are fireproof I would't put the tealights in them. Doesn't seem safe to me.

 Seashell Sweet
Apparently this is a French retro sweet called 'roudoudou' which is basically pure sugar in a little plastic shell. It's a cute idea and I'm sure this would make some feel nostalgic who have spent holidays on the French Riviera in their childhood (I'm not one of those lucky children...:D) but if I want to lick something I just get an ice cream.

 My Little Box - Traveler Pouch-Pillow
Out of the lifestyle products, this inflatable 2-in-1 pillow/pouch is something I actually really like. It is spacious enough to put some of your beach essectials in and when you're lying on your towel you can put this under your head to get more comfy. Very clever.
 Beauty Bits
My Little Beauty - Body Scrub
A cute little jar of a pale pink, heavenly smelling body scrub. I absolutely love scrubs whether it's for  the face or in this case for the body, but I am also quiet particular about them. I like when the scruby bits are not too harsh and scratchy but not too mild either that I don't feel anything happening. My favourite scrub is Soap and Glory's Flake Away and I'm hoping that this one will be similar. 

 Qiriness - Radiant Eye Contour Mask
I'm really excited about these hydrogel eye patches, as I have never tried anything similar before. It promises to reduce puffiness and dark circles making the undereye area brighter, smoother and more radiant. Looking forward to trying this!

Institut Karite - Rose Mademoiselle Shea Hand Cream
Another hand cream. This time it's a rose scented one. I am really done with receiving body lotions and creams every month. I wish they would mix it up a little bit...

I have mixed emotions about this box. I love the theme, the box is beautiful as always, the items on the other hand I'm less and less imperessed about each month. I don't expect the world for £14.95 but tealights, candy and envelopes? It feels like they just want to fill the box with something to get enough items because most of the budget was already spent on the main products. 

On the other hand, I think the star products in this box are the own brand items, I can't wait to try the body scrub and I hope to get some use out of the inflatable pillow/pouch as well this summer! 

What do you think of the July box?

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