Sunday, 25 June 2017

The nail polish you need to try!

Needless to say after the title but the Essie Gel Couture range became my absolute favourite nail polish range this year and these are the only polishes I reached for the past months.

For a few years, I was addicted to getting Shellac manicure twice a month because:
2. I was bad at doing my own nails
3. The results lasted me two weeks and I didn't have to think about how my hands looked for that time
Going to the nail salon is not cheap, so when I left my waitressing job this was one of the unnecessary expenses that I cut out and I started painting my nails at home.
My nails grow quickly but they have a tendency to break when I don't have a polish on them so I had tried numerous brands and ranges, some good and some bad. The Maybelline Superstay Nail Polishes were my go-to range before I discovered the Essie Gel Couture polishes, I have put those in my drugstore favourites in a post last year.
Truth be told, I was never a fan of the regular Essie polishes, but something drawn me to these stylish curved bottles in Boots one day, and I purchased my first item of this couture range, Bubbles Only. And my life changed forever... Well, on the nail front definitely! :)

1. I was lazy, and it was easier to leave it to professionals

So why do I love them? Well, there are few reasons...
1. They last longer than any other regular polish I have tried before. I can have presentable nails for 10 days, sometimes even up to two weeks with these.
2. The brush makes application super easy and streak-free.
3. They dry fast and opaque in two coats.
4. They really look like gel in finish. I got so many compliments and surprised looks when I reveal that these are not Shellac.
5. The colours are simply gorgeous. I would happily paint my nails in any of the colours in the collection.
Essie introduced this range as a 2-step system that I kind of ignore... First, you need to apply two coats of your chosen colour on bare nails, and they recommend using the top coat that comes with the range (obviously). No base coat, UV or LED lamp is needed to get a gel-like manicure.
Although they don't recommend using these polishes with a base, I still prefer to use one to have sort of a barrier between my nails and the colour polishes so the darker colours wouldn't stain my nails. For base coat, I love Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth Treatment. I have been using this for years and plan to stick with it for now.
Essie has a gel top coat for this range which I have not tried yet so can't comment on it but when it comes to top coats I have not found anything better than Seche Vite so far. It dries super fast, lasts long and gives a beautiful shine. 
This is a sheer nude-pink shade, great for those who don't like bright colours but still want a polished look. :) Probably my least used colour out of these four, but still a good option.

A true spring-summer shade, a pretty pink colour. This polish would be perfect for a beach holiday.

This is my engagement nail colour, so it's extra special for me!:) A beautiful, bright scarlet red shade... Love it!

This is my sort of colour and my most used of the bunch. A classic, elegant dark red shade that goes well with everything, and looks great on pale or darker skin tones.

The colour selection in the Gel Couture range has been growing and I can't wait to get my hands on a few more pretty shades! Well, I'm off to do some online shopping then...:)Have you tried the Gel Couture polishes? What do you think of them? Any favourite shades you would recommend?

In the UK you can get them from both Boots and Superdrug and at the moment they are on offer on both sites! 


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