Tuesday, 20 June 2017

My Little Box - Los Angeles

This month's box is a collaboration with LA-based French blogger,  Marion Gruber from Fringe and Frange. Let's take a look and see what's inside!

I'll be honest I haven't heard about Marion or her blog before but apparently she wrote a book which is sort of like a modern Los Angeles city guide and her recommendations on the best places to visit while you're there. We get a cool drawn LA map and on the back a mini guide with 19 places she recommends visiting, for eating out, hotel stay, shopping and to take the best Instagram pictures...
Among the lifestyle pieces we find a pink-green-gold bracelet, a canvas beach bag and some squishy LA-inspired stickers. 
The bracelet is not really my style, I know that I wouldn't wear it so I will give that to a friend.
The beach bag seems quiet spacious and practical, I could us it for grocery shopping or going to the park.
My favourites though are the stickers, can't wait to use them in my scrapbook! They will be perfect for extra decoration!

Palmer's  - Coconut Oil Body Lotion
This is a very nice moisturiser with a lovely coconut scent. It would be perfect for taking away on a beach holiday. The only thing is that in each box we get a body lotion, I wouldn't mind a bit of variety in the boxes. Nobody needs this much moisturiser...

Burt's Bees - Deep Cleansing Cream
I have only ever tried a lip balm from Burt's Bees so I am really looking forward to trying another product from the company. I have five cleansers on rotation at the moment so I don't need to open another one for a while, but I will take 

My Little Beauty - Coco Sunshine
This oil can be used on your body or on your hair. I think I will use this as a pre-shampoo treatment to give a bit of extra love to my hair.

What did you think of this month's box?


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