Monday, 23 May 2016

What I Ate Today: A Day in Hungary 15/05

I documented a day of eatings while I was home and it's time I show you what I've put in my belly on this specific day. 

I woke up rather late this day, and had breakfast around 11am. As always, my day started with my apple cider vinegar and water mix. 
One of the reasons I don't really eat breakfast in London is that I am used to the great sandwiches I had in the mornings before I moved away. I think the shops in London really don't offer too many options when it comes to salty baked goods. When I'm home I love to go for this cheesy goodness for breakfast with some mayo, ham and cheese. I had a latte in my cute chubby chick mug and to close the meal with something sweet I had a Túró Rudi. This Hungarian chocolate bar has a dark chocolate outer coating and a sweet curd filling. It's one of my favourite desserts.

Afternoon treat
In the afternoon we decided to go to the movies and see The Jungle Book. We remained strong though and didn't buy any snacks. But I had something in mind...
I never go to McDonald's because I get horrible stomach aches from the food but the moment I saw it advertised, I knew I had to try this McFlurry they came out with in Hungary. It has a piece of TúróRudi (same thing that I mentioned above), the nation's favourite dessert crushed into the ice cream with a generous amount of chocolate sauce and hazelnut pieces. Yumm!:) Although it's delicious, I needed a little help from my Mom to finish this huge portion. 
I am a picky eater, and my Mom knows that the best. If she wants to see me eat, she needs to cook basic food: meat with rice or potatoes. This night I had some fried chicken with roasted new potatoes, a little bit of rice and some sweet corn. My brother has an ever-growing wine collection in our basement and we picked a light Pinot Noir this time. For a soft drink I had a small glass of coke. Some people like to mix wine and coke but for me that is just ,,Nah to the ah to the no, no, no''. :D

When I'm home somehow each meal ends with something sweet, and in general I don't tend to eat very healthy on holidays. Ooops! :D 
My Mom made this sponge cake roll with a sweet curd and raspberry filling, which was delicious, but not too sweet. As usual my eyes were bigger than my stomach, and I could only eat one slice...but I think I already exceeded my daily curd intake! :D 


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