Saturday, 21 May 2016

This is a Goodbye: In Memory of my beloved Cat

I have mentioned in previous posts that we ''shared'' a cat with one of our neighbours, and I adored that little animal. When I arrived home last Wednesday, and he was nowhere in sight when I called him, I knew something was wrong. My first question to my Mom was asking if he'd died, and to my greatest sadness her reply was yes. They haven't seen him for 5 days which never happened before, because he was such a social little cat, wanted to be around people all the time.
I think it's only right if I dedicate a post to him as my way of saying goodbye, because he was such a big a part of my life the past 14 years. 

He had a great life with two families' love and homes open for him anytime. Someone was always available to pet him. And if he wanted to get away from humans he had the 'wilderness' across our houses to wander around in and bring us mice and birds as presents. He had such a big personality, he was very clever, playful, sooo funny and such a big poser...:D He always knew when I was taking pictures of him. He made me smile all the time! 
With these pictures I want to remember our years and special moments that we had shared with him.
He loved sunbathing. If one of us was lying on a sunbed he would sneak upon us, scaring the hell out of everyone by jumping on you, or appearing in your face from under the bed.
For a piece of ham, he would perform jumping tricks.
After a catfight in the puddle.
He helped me pass my dreaded microbiology exam.
Those big stretches, when he knew that he was a real cutie.
Cause the best place to be is always under someone's feet...
''Should I run? Are you gonna let me in and give me milk?'' 
''Is this thing you're holding edible, maybe?''
''You don't look your best but I can be nice and have a selfie with you if that's what you really want...''
This time when he just couldn't take Justin Bieber's Christmas song anymore.

Ohh, those soft belly rubs.
The times he was my security guard and protected the door while I had a pee. A real gentleman.
And the times he was a silly cat and thought he was a flower...
Thank you for all our adventures in the forest... 
... and on the meadow.
Goodbye my furry friend! I miss you!:(

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