Sunday, 8 May 2016

My Little Dolce Vita Box/May 2016

I received this month's Italy-inspired box way before I expected, and decided to quickly write a post about it! 

 Lifestyle Pieces
My Little Box - Turban
This is something that would look amazing on some girls, but for me a turban is not something that goes with my personal style. I really like the colours though and I will probably use it to get the hair out of my face while washing my face or putting makeup on.

My Little Box - Ring
Again, I don't wear rings, because I wash my hands two hundred times a day and put hand cream on, but I think this is a really lovely simple, yet a bit different dainty little gold ring. The leaves resemble olive tree leaves, maybe that's the connection to Italy with this item.

 Beauty products
My Little Box - Illuminating Moisturiser For Legs
With London in full bloom this weekend, I could finally say goodbye to my winter clothes and got my summer dresses and skirts out. My legs haven't seen any sunshine for months, and I'm going on a small holiday this week, so this gradual self tanner arrived just at the right time! I don't have a good history with self tanners, because I always end up with orange-white giraffe print all over my body and I can't stand the typical self-tanner smell either. This product hopefully will work for me, the sweet fruity peach scent definitely gives a good first impression.

Courréges - La Fille de l'Air Parfume
This is a travel size fresh, airy perfume with notes of bergamot and orange blossom. I'm sure I will use this up because it smells lovely and it's easy to carry around on a day-to-day basis.

Baija - Green Tea and Jasmin Body Oil
I'm a little bit lazy when it comes to body care, so I probably wouldn't use this semi-dry oil after shower, but I like the idea of putting some in the bathwater, and relax after a long day. I think I will save this for cold winter nights.

This wasn't my favourite box to be honest, but I guess that's how it goes with subscription boxes. You can read my post about the April box here!

Are you subscribed to My Little Box? Did you like this month's items?


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