Thursday, 7 April 2016

What I Ate Today (28/03)

This post is from last week but somehow I forget about it. It was Easter Monday and it was a serious cheat day, but sometimes you need one of those, right?

My liquid breakfast consisted of my apple cider vinegar water, orange juice and a latte.
Ok, so this one needs a little bit of explanation... 
It's a Hungarian Easter tradition that we bake a braided wreath bread (which is similar to a sweet brioche bread) and have it with boiled eggs and the Easter ham during Easter weekend. I usually have butter and Nuella or jam on this bread during Easter. Well, this was the first year I made this wreath for me and my boyfriend after my Mom's recipe and it turned out really good. Yesterday we decided to make French toast from the remaining brioche because it started to dry out. They tasted amazing so I made them for lunch today. 
I simply put Nutella between two slices of brioche, stick them together and coat all sides in a mixture of whisked egg, milk, cinnamon and vanilla extract. I fry them in butter until all sides are golden brown. In the same pan I caramelise the bananas then plate everything up, a light dusting of powder sugar and tuck it in...:D Well, I can happily say that I found a new favourite dish for special days, because if I'd eat this too often I can wave goodbye to my dream bikini body...:D
Afternoon Snack
For snack I had cottage cheese with a pear, and a decaf latte.

I warned you it was a quite unhealthy day.:D 
So for dinner we made cheeseburgers with bacon, fried onion rings and I had some rocket and some leftover mashed potatoes on the side... Yum, yum!:)


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