Wednesday, 27 April 2016

My 3 Favourite YouTubers at the moment

YouTube has been part of my life 8-9 years now. I discovered beauty videos when I was in high school and a whole new world opened up to me. I tend to watch girls who are around my age or a couple years older, who share beauty videos as well as their lives through vlogs. At the moment these three beautiful ladies are my favourites!

Sharon is an Irish makeup artist living in Australia who deserves way more subscribers than she has now.
Obviously she is great with makeup tutorials and has the best tips and tricks, but my favourites are her well-edited daily vlogs. 
I really like her personality. She is funny, a bit sarcastic (that I love) seems very down-to-earth and just so real. 

YouTube Channel
Vlog Channel

Lily is one of my all time favourite YouTubers. Along with the usual beauty and fashion content, she creates some really well-edited, interesting videos which often include her family and friends. I think these videos set her apart from other YouTubers. 
I love when she films with Anna because their true friendship comes across in their videos and this makes their collabs really fun to watch. They made a really informative guide on blogging and YouTube a while back, that can be really helpful for aspiring bloggers and youtubers. She also vlogs, and I love that there is nothing fake or pretentious about her, she seems like a genuinely nice person and a very loyal friend.

YouTube Channel

I don't think Fleur needs an introduction in the online beauty community because she's been around for a really long time now, has her own makeup line, eyelashes with Eyelure and a book. She was one of the first British girls I started to watch and she's still among my favourites to this day. 
I love her fashion sense, she always looks stylish and put together, so among my favourites are her clothing hauls and lookbooks. She recently started doing a 'New in Beauty' series that I enjoy watching, where she shows all the new products that are coming out and tells her honest opinion about them. 
She uploads daily vlogs every other month, and gives an insight to her everyday life which includes lots of traveling, eating out and countryside living with her husband and adorable pets. 

YouTube Channel
Vlog Channel

Do you watch these girls? Which are your favourite channels on YouTube?


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