Saturday, 23 April 2016

4 electronic devices that changed my life

This post idea came to me early in the morning while I was standing in front of our coffee machine feeling super grateful that I get my delicious latte in a minute in the comfort of my own home with pressing two buttons only...
It made me realise how much some of my electrical devices changed my everyday life and made it in a way easier and more enjoyable.  

I wasn't a regular coffee drinker before I moved to London, but it quickly became a new habit of mine. I had my coffees at my workplace and occasionally get a vanilla latte in Costa or Starbucks until my boyfriend (who was used to 2-3 coffees a day) moved out to me and the coffeeshop visits became daily. We quickly decided that we need a long term solution and decided to go with a Nespresso machine. I like lattes so we got the one with the built-in frother. We were really lucky, because we got it right before Christmas when they gave a £70 voucher with the purchase of a coffee machine. As extra luck, when we bought capsules with the machine, the lady didn't take the money from the voucher so next time we had a nice little surprise that instead of the expected £20 we still had the full £70 on the voucher. Yaaasss!:) 
I always start my day with my favourite Vanilio flavour and sometimes have an other decaf latte in the late afternoon just for the taste...:)

Me and my boyfriend loved taking pictures with his Canon 600D when we went on holiday or a trip. I especially loved when he took pictures of me. Right until he broke up with me... 
Well, that's when ''out of revenge'' I bought a Canon 60D. Obviously we got back together, and now we have two SLR cameras in the household, but I never for one second regretted buying my little baby. It was worth breaking up. :D
As a Taurus I'm incredibly selfish, so having my own stuff is important for me. I got my own SD cards, tripod, remote and all the cleaning equipment. This doesn't mean though that I don't like to use his stuff as well...:D Especially for blog photography I like to borrow different lenses, my favourite is this cheap and cheerful Canon EF 50mm f/1.8. I love this for face shots and product pictures. My kit lens that came with the camera is great for everyday photography so with these two I'm set for a while. 
With photography there is always something new that you learn with every use about your camera and different settings. I love seeing how my photography gets better and better slowly.

I have gone through many straighteners in my life, most lasted 1-2 years only. I fell in love with this beautiful limited edition rose gold GHD two and a half years ago when it was on a Christmas offer for £100 and I decided it was time to invest in a better quality straightener that won't die on me after a year. 
It is still a lot of money for a hair tool in my opinion but if it will last 3-4 years I'll be able to justify the price tag. 
The straightener itself other than being beautiful works very well and heats up in seconds giving a little beep letting you know when it's ready. An other feature that I love is a beeping sound if you forget to turn it off after 30 mins, and if you leave the house you don't have to worry because it automatically shuts off. It is easy to create a wavy hairstyle as well as a sleek straight frizz-free hair. 
Ohh, and the cord is around three meters, which makes straightening your hair in the plug-free British bathrooms super easy.

I get very emotionally attached to most of my daily used devices, and this was no different with my Sony Vaio. I loved that laptop and had it for more that 4 years. By the end I developed serious anger issues because it got very slow, and I'm impatient as hell. I decided that instead of spending more money on fixing my Little Vaio I will invest in a new laptop. I always wanted a MacBook, so I picked a 13-inch MacBook Pro, and I am super happy with it. It's fast, clever, light and a joy to use.

What devices make your everyday life easier? Which electronics can you not live without?

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