Monday, 14 March 2016

My Little Bubble Box / March 2016

It's March and I received this month's My Little Box a couple days ago! Let's see what goodies are inside!:)

This month's products came in a very cute pastel pink-blue box, and all five items are beauty-related.
Instead of the inspirational quote we get a balloon this time... I always liked those quotes, they were a nice special touch in each box, and I honestly don't know who would want a balloon with ,,Be Wild! written on it. Might be just me, but I preferred the quotes, I hope they bring them back...
As I mentioned, this month everything is beauty-related, so instead of the lifestyle bits, we got two My Little Beauty own brand beauty tools. One is a soft-cushion paddle brush and the other is a bright pink makeup sponge. 
My Little Beauty - Hair Brush
As a girl with long, tangly hair I know that not all brushes are created equal. And this was a surprisingly good one. I tried it after washing my hair and it easily glides through my locks without pulling it. It is a great small size to carry around, very lightweight, fun print, and I can imagine it being perfect for the summer on a beach holiday. 
My Little Beauty - Beauty Bubble
I was really excited that we got a Beauty Blender dupe in the box, I couldn't wait to see how it compares to the Miracle Makeup Sponge that I use every day! I tried it today, and I find it really strange that it doesn't absorb the water at all, stays the same size and density and is almost completely dry after pressing out the excess water. 

I took a comparison shot with a dry Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, which is a little bit bigger, and has that great flat side that I love to use when applying my foundation. I find the Miracle sponge much, much better so far, but I will try to use this one with cream blushes. 
Pschitt - Magic Micropeeling Treatment
I like receiving French skincare products through this box, but as many times before I had no idea what kind of product it is at first glance, because there's no English instruction or how to use on the product or on the little paper that's supposed to tell you what to do with certain items. So, I looked it up and found out that this is a micropeeling treatment, that can be used as an everyday cleanser in the morning or after taking off your makeup at night. It has a light mousse texture that you leave on the skin for 30 seconds and after washing off you are left with a smoother, more luminous, perfectly cleansed skin. It is really nice to use and also has a lovely fresh floral scent.
My Little Beauty - Bubble Blush Lip&Cheek Tint
This is a pink cheek and lip tint, that simply reminds me in colour and in scent of my childhood and the Smurfs Blackcurrant squash which was amazing, at least that's how it stays in my memory. 
One swipe is more than enough because it is very bright, and also dries super quick, so needs to be blended right away or the initial swipe will leave a darker tint on the face.
Givenchy - Noir Couture Volume Mascara
Finding a high-end product when you don't expect it is always a nice surprise. This mini Givenchy mascara is not only beautiful from the outside, it gives the lashes a volumized, separated, defined   look. 

All in all, this was a great box! I like the hair brush and the cleanser, but the star item was definitely the Givenchy mascara!

You can order your box here.

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