Saturday, 13 February 2016

My Little Home Box

A new month, a new My Little Box. This time it is home-themed. Let's see what we have in it this time!

The box illustration is cute as always, gets me excited for what is inside.
On the delivery box we get a sticker, that you can stick on your door so before you head out it would remind you to pack all your essentials. 

Lifestyle items
I expected home decoration pieces after seeing the name of the box, so receiving a picture frame and a pillowcase wasn't a big surprise.
So we have this light blue wooden frame, and this time we get a double sided picture in it. To be honest it looks a bit cheap, I'm not the biggest fan of the colour either, so I'm thinking of painting it white or light pink. The other problem with it is that I thought of using it for other inspirational quotes from previous boxes, but they don't fit unless I cut the edges off. 
This canvas cushion cover is the second lifestyle item in the box. It is a cream base with different blue and peach triangles. It is fine, good for the spring-time, but it's not something I would buy.


Mitchell and Peach Body Cream, 100ml
I'm not big on body products, but this cream is very nice. It is thick, hydrating and the scent lingers on for a long time. This English Leaf scent was inspired by the English countryside, smells very fresh, green and also a bit citrusy. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it, it reminds me of spring and Easter.

My Little Beauty Easy Morning Skin-Perfecting Cream, 40ml
I was really happy to find this in the box, because I love the night moisturiser that came in one of the boxes a few months ago and been using it most nights. 
This day cream gives a nice glow with a very-very subtle shimmer to the skin. Great for tired, dull winter skin.

Noxidoxi Mask&Peel, 40ml
I am really interested in this product, I had to look it up how to use it though, because it says mask, peel and scrub and there is no English instruction on the back of the product. 
So, it is a 2in1 product which can be used as a scrub if you're in hurry, or as an exfoliating mask if you have 3 minutes to spare. It promises smooth skin, tighter pores and a glowing complexion...Sounds good to me! Can't wait to try it!

Well all in all, it wasn't the best box regarding the lifestyle pieces, but I am really excited about the beauty bits, especially the mask and the face cream!

What do you think of this month's box?

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