Sunday, 28 February 2016

10 Must-Have MAC Products

My boyfriend used to tell me that if he'd win the lottery, he would buy me a MAC store to play around in...:D Yeah, I really like MAC as a brand, so much so that even my boyfriend who couldn't care less about cosmetics or makeup brands noticed. 
Today I picked my 10 favourites and gonna tell you why I love them!:)

1. Studio Fix Fluid
My number 1 foundation. I fell in love with this around 6 years ago, back when I couldn't find a light enough shade in the drugstore  for my pale skin. I'm NC15, which is fine for winter, and for summertime I just mix it with a darker BB cream, or lightweight foundation to get a matching colour. 
It is a full coverage foundation so if I have anything important to attend and want my skin to look as good as possible I use this base. It has SPF15 which unfortunately has a flashback on photos on me.
Also need to mention that it comes without the pump that you need to buy separately for an extra £4-5.
2. Studio Finish Concealer
This creamy concealer covers almost everything. Best to apply with fingers, as it needs a little heating up and set it with powder to make it last all day. Can be used under the eyes or on blemishes, but I like something lighter for the under-eye area, so I mainly put this on discolouration and breakouts. Has SPF35.
This fine baked powder is what I like to reach for when I know I'm gonna have a long day and want my makeup to last as long as possible. It helps to keep my skin shine-free for a good 8-9 hours. If I have it on longer it does cake up a bit around the nose as my oils come through. Comes with a mirror, which is good for checkups throughout the day. I use the shade Light Plus.

4. Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle
Before the Becca highlighters or the Mary LouManizer, this was the star of the highlighters that everyone talked about. It is a beautiful peachy-golden-bronzy shade, perfect for the face or as an eyeshadow. 
Paint Pots are great to use alone or as an eyeshadow base. They are long-wearing cream products that dry in a couple of seconds and don't move or crease all day.
They are a great investment, last for ages as you only need a tiny bit. Just make sure you close the lid tightly, don't let the shadows dry out.
5. Let's Skate Paint Pot
This is a light pink base with a gold glitter in it. It is beautiful alone, but I also love to pair it with a grey shadow like Omega, or a  brown in the crease and outer corner and black winged liner.
6. Bare Study Paint Pot
This is my third pot of this champagne gold, beige shade. It is a winner for all skin tones. Beautiful on it's own, or paired with any eyeshadow on top. I like it with browns, greys, bronze or gold shades.
I could spend hours at the MAC eyeshadow stand swatching all the colours. Their colour selection is amazing, the staying power and the pigmentation of the shadows is great, I have nothing bad to say about them really... While I love Satin Taupe, Mulch, All That Glitters or Amber Lights, my two favourites are Omega and Sable.
7. Sable Eyeshadow
Sable is a golden plumy shade with a bit of a reddish undertone, that might look a bit scary for some, but it is a great shade to pair with so many other colours like pinks, browns, purples or cream shades... I like to put this over the Bare Study Paint Pot, with Mulch in the outer corner and crease for a pretty, soft smoky eye. 
I first came across this Matte shade in the Blonde Brow Duo that came out some years back in a Brow Collection. It was paired with Soba, and was a great combination for my brows. I started using this grey shade on my eyelids, and soon hit the pan after using it everyday. This is the second pan I'm using now and still love to pair it with the above mentioned paint pots for my everyday look.
9. Shy Girl Lipstick
Finding a nude shade that doesn't wash me out was a real task, but Shy Girl is the perfect peachy browny nude for us pale girls. It looks fresh, juicy and not deadly, concealery like other nude lipsticks. It is great for everyday wear, and goes perfectly with a darker smoky eye look as well. Make sure you have taken care of those chapped lips before using this shade though, it only looks good on hydrated lippies.  
 10. 217 Brush
And last but not least my favourite makeup brush in my collection. If I had to choose one brush to use for the rest of my life it would without a doubt be this one. You can basically do a whole look using this brush only. You can place the colour on the lid, blend it out, use it for inner corner highlight, under the brow bone... It's equally good with powder or cream products. You can blend out your concealer with it, use it for your face highlight, or to place contour under the cheekbones. If you only buy one brush, make sure you buy this one. I have three of them, all been used for more than three years, and are still in great condition.

What are your favourites from MAC?  Anything from the brand that you really love and recommend?


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