Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What's on my nightstand

Today I will show you what I keep on my nightstand.
Let's start with the overall picture, and then I go into detail for the smaller things in my basket.

Lamp A lamp is a must have on every nightstand, I got this very simple one from Argos.

Clock I don't use this as my alarm, just to check the time when I wake up it the middle of the night and in the morning and don't want to blind myself with the phone light.

Phone I know it's not ideal to charge and sleep next to the mobile phone, but I like to check my phone before getting out of bed in the morning and I put it in flight mode for the night.

Water I have a bottle of water in each room and the bedroom is no exception. Must keep hydrated!


In my heart-shaped metal basket that I got from TK Maxx, I keep: 

Hand cream To moisturise my hands before going to sleep. Any other time of the day it would be a waste because I wash my hands every half an hour.

Earphones When I'm still watching something but my boyfriend wants to sleep.

2016 Diary I like planning out the coming weeks in bed.

Notebook If a genius idea comes to mind you need to put it down.

Pen For above reasons.

Ear Plugs My boyfriend snores sometimes and even the slightest noise wakes me so earplugs are a must. I sleep with them every night.

Book I'm currently reading The Good Girl by Mary Kubica.

Hair Clip To put my hair up when it starts to annoy me.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask Sometimes this alone in a thick layer for overnight makes the biggest change in my skin.

The Pill I never forget to take it if I see the leaflet right before sleep.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray On those nights when my thoughts are running wild, I spray my pillows with this, and the lavender scent helps me fall asleep faster.

What items do you keep on your nightstand?

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