Saturday, 2 January 2016

This Christmas...

I love Christmas, and I always try to fly back home for the holiday because it's always a special time for our family, especially now that I live abroad and we can't see each other that often. I love taking part in all the preparations, go shopping for presents, wrapping all the gifts, baking with my Mom while listening to all the Christmas songs...
So in this picture-heavy post I look back on this week full of celebrations.

Enjoying some mulled wine with my Mom on one of Budapest's Christmas Markets (Vörösmarty Square).

Having some baked Camembert, a glass of wine some chestnut puree with cream and a good book. Isn't this holidays are all about? Chilling with family, eating and drinking...

Ooooohh....this one! :) My little baby kittycat! Although he's far from being a baby, he's around 14-15 years old, but such a sweet, cute, clever animal! Officially he belongs to our neighbours, but gets lots of love (food) from both houses, and if I'm home he gets to stay in the house. 


(Yeah, naughty Santa is totally checking my boobs out!Haha!)
I like to go out and visit new restaurants I haven't tried before when I'm home, my partner in this was my good friend, who I haven't seen for around 2 years, so it was great to catch up, with a nice meal in Vintage Garden's festive environment.      
I had the rosé duck breast with gnocchi, nuts and apple chutney. It was delicious and the portion was just enough to fill me, although I also had the chicken soup as a starter for a little warm-up.
Some cute Christmassy things now: a Rudolph gingerbread cookie from my Grandma, and some festive T-shirts I have to say goodbye to until next winter rolls around.
Christmas playlist to go with a little baking session one evening with my Mommy!

My Mom posing with some of the cookies!

A little Christmas and birthday gift-giving afternoon with my high-school friends!Such a special occasion for all four of us being together!I love these girls!

We decorate our tree on the 24th of December with my brother, while my Mom is preparing the Christmas dinner. We always have a real tree, and our philosophy, is the bigger the better, as the living room we put it has very high ceilings. This year our tree was one of the best we ever had, it was around 2,5-3 meters long with a nice full body. We have some special decorations, that always go on the tree, but other than those we go for a dark red and gold theme.
                    I must have a selfie with the tree of course!
Makeup on Christmas Day

             The Christmas feast! My favourite meal of the year!

Creamy sweet potato soup with grated cheese, and turkey with sweet corn, mashed potatoes, and orange and pomegranate salad!Yummyyyy!!!

And here is a goodbye shot, with my close family, Mom, Grandma and Brother, in front of our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, right before the turkey!Excitement levels running high, as you can see it on my face!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time, I most certainly did! :)


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