Saturday, 2 January 2016

My Plans for 2016!

So here we go again, another year is over and it feels like we can start our life as an empty book, with clear pages, and make our resolutions that, let's be honest, will be long forgotten by the second week of January.
So instead of resolutions, I will share my plans with you for 2016!

Finding a new job

Well, you need to have an income, especially if you live in a city as expensive as London, are used to a comfortable life, and also want to save money for the future. 
I let myself have weeks of joblessness, because I felt burnt out after my last job and wanted to regain my enthusiasm for something that I would do for 10-12 hours a day. I didn't want to think about finding a job, updating my CV or sending out cover letters until January, until I had my batteries recharged. But Christmas is over, I had enough rest, enough time for myself, and time with my family and friends and I do miss working already. So my number one priority is to find a new and challenging job, that I enjoy and can make a living out of.

Driving Licence

Although I have started it 3 years ago in Hungary, unfortunately I never finished getting my driving licence before I moved to the UK. So starting from scratch, this will be the year everyone should watch out on the roads, because I'm gonna learn how to drive!

Keep on blogging

I really enjoy this, so I most definitely gonna continue posting! I'm setting a target of at least two blog posts per week!

Collect memories not things

I like buying stuff. All kinds of stuff. And all the homeware, clothes, makeup, skincare, books and decorative things just take up a lot of space in my life, to the point that my things start to take over my boyfriend's wardrobe, which is just not ideal. (And it's the same situation in my family home as well.) I wanna watch my spending, declutter my living space, use all the things I already have, and spend money on travel, and experience rather than things I don't need.

Losing weight, getting fit

I know, I know...This is the point everyone has on their list for the new year. In the past year I gained around 6-7 kg from snacking  and not eating properly in general and this extra weight makes me uncomfortable in my skin. I promised myself that as soon as all the holiday food is gone, and I'm back in London (away from Mom, who was cooking all my unhealthy favourites), I need to watch what I am eating and try to minimise my sugar and fat intake. I will never be the healthiest eater 'cause I can't resist junk food, but I could easily lead a better lifestyle with a little more willpower.

Keep positive!

Leaving the most important point to last, is having a positive mindset! I consider myself a pretty positive person in everyday life. I don't stress or worry about things I have no control over, and just have faith in life and most of all in myself and my abilities. This kind of thinking has been working for me, so I'm gonna try to find the silver lining in all of the situations I end up in, and trust my instincts this new year!

I can't wait to see what 2016 holds for me!


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