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January Favourites

Today I'm gonna go through what I've been loving throughout the month of January. It will be a mix of beauty, style and lots of random favourites...

This month I spent most of the time home, so I probably wore makeup 10 days out of 30, and even then I didn't do anything special. I don't like to admit it but, I don't step out of the house without makeup. Naturally, I am very pale with light eyes and dark brows so I just look weird in a way. I like to emphasize my eyes a little bit, just to make sure I don't look sick. So what I always put on is a base, blush and mascara. Without these, you won't see me in the off-licence... 
This foundation gives a beautiful natural-looking healthy base, and is a light-medium coverage. Covers redness, and minor skin problems, perfect for everyday use.

I have this blush for over a year, and somehow I never got along with it or understood the hype until this month. 
Before I would put a couple drops on the back of my hand and apply with the tip of my fingers, but it was always too much, too bright, looked unnatural, so I just put it behind my more used cheek products and basically forgot about it. This month though I tried it with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush and it made all the difference. I put one drop directly on the brush which is enough for both cheeks and then blend with my foundation brush down a little. With this, there is a fine line between looking great and looking like a clown, so bleeeend! This pink shade wakes up my pale complexion and gives me a fresh look that I really like. 
Style Favourites
I've been living in this T-shirt for the past 2 weeks. I got it in a size 10, which is baggy enough for lounging and sleeping. It comes down to the middle thigh area, so it's long enough to wear without pants, which is always a plus.

Zara Shirt
There are only a few better things than the Zara sales, but the stores are always so hectic and unorganised during this time. I like to go to the one on Regent Street, preferably weekdays before 2pm when it's not too busy yet. Yeah, I am very specific. :D
I've found this black shirt early January. This was the last one left, but despite it being a size XS I tried it on, and to my biggest surprise fits perfectly! Even in the boob area, which is always problematic for me with button-up shirts, the fabric sits right, and does not open. I like to wear it with a long beige blazer (also from the Zara sale) black skinny jeans, and heeled booties.

Kate Spade Metro Watch
I finally got the battery changed in December so I got back into wearing a watch this month! I love that it goes with everything, it's elegant, simple and is the perfect size for my wrist.
My orchid finally started to bloom this month, and it is beautiful! No more words needed, this picture does all the talking...:)
Bluetooth Speaker
This was a Christmas present from my brother, and I use it more than I thought I would. I always need something to have as a background noise when I'm home, but having YouTube or Netflix on at all times takes more of my time and attention than I want to give, so music is the perfect solution, and having this little stereo makes the sound better and louder (and the little dance parties I throw in front of the mirror more enjoyable :D). I created the perfect playlist from my teenage favourites on Spotify with TLC, Brandy, Madonna, Bryan Adams, Cher, ABBA, BSB, Christina, Britney etc... This playlist is perfection for me. I think the music you grew up on will remain your favourite kind for all your life. For me it falls in the cheesy pop category 80% of the time but I'm not ashamed..:D
Diary, notebooks
Diaries and notebooks have a special place in my heart, so these deserve a place in my monthly favourites for sure. I have found these in TK Maxx and I just love using them and looking at them. The one with the elephant is used for my driving notes, I'm having my theory test in a week and writing things down was always my way of learning new things. At the moment, the pink-turqoise is for blog ideas and lists, and the black one is my 2016 diary.

TV Shows 
Mr Selfridge 
The third season went on Netflix and I watched it in 2 days. I love period dramas, and it was interesting to watch London in the early 1900s, while reading a story almost in the same period based in Hungary. In the centre we have the Selfridges store and the lives of the founder's family and the staff. There is love, business, intrigue, fashion...what more would you want? 
Favourite character: Kitty 
Eyecandy: Jeremy Piven as Mr Selfridge

Pretty Little Liars
I feel silly loving this show as much as I do... However, it did suck me in, I wanna know what happens with the girls!:D I couldn't wait for the 14th of January to watch the first "5 years after episode"! The girls are finally out of high school, living in different places around the world, but come back to Rosewood to give statements, so Charlotte can be released from the psychiatric hospital.
Honestly, the first 3 episodes were a bit boring, but I hope it's gonna get more interesting as we get closer to the season finale.
Favourite character: Hanna
Eye candy: If I have to choose Drew Van Acker as Jason DiLaurentis, but the male cast is just too young for my taste...:D

The Good Wife
Somehow I am always attracted to law-related TV shows: Suits, How to get away with murder, Damages (seriously underrated show!) and now I am hooked on The Good Wife. It focuses on a lawyer, Alicia Florrick who has to go back to work after her State Attorney husband is jailed following a political corruption and sex scandal. I like that the characters and the situations are relatable and that the love lines and the legal cases are nicely balanced out.  
Favourite character: Eli Gold and Kalinda
Eyecandy: Matt Czuchry as Cary

Favourite Food & Drink 
Vanilla Amaretti Nespresso Capsules
These are so yummy!!! They were part of the holiday collection and out of the three limited edition flavours this was the best in my opinion. I did stock up on them but I already fear the morning when I use up the last one...
Our New Year's Eve meal

Shrimp and steak with fries and rocket salad with grapes and fried onion crisps. I'm not a party person by any means, I don't like big crowds, so for me welcoming the new year at home with my boyfriend, eating and drinking was the perfect way.

My everyday lunch lately...
I have been eating this so many times this past two months, but I still can't get enough of it. I could eat this every day, and have been eating it 4 days in a row this month.
This is a very easy, quick meal, basically a small avocado split on two slices of toast with poached eggs, bacon and either a mixed salad or just rocket. To season some ground pepper and a mix of chilli and garlic. It is delicious and so filling as well!

What did you love throughout the month of January?

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