Sunday, 20 December 2015

Winter Skincare 2015

Today I thought I show which skincare products I took with me to Hungary. I stay for 15 days and I didn't want to mix my routine up so I took all my essentials, and to save on the suitcase weight some travel size products which work just fine for these two weeks.

Let's start with cleansing!
In the evening I take my makeup off with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and a warm wet cloth. This melts all the makeup away, but I still like to use a face wash afterwards just to make sure all the   gunk is gone. My favourite is the Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub which I use morning and night. The fresh zingy scent and light scruby texture wakes me and my skin up in the morning.
After the morning cleanse I continue with a light mist of the La Roche-Posay Serozinc. I find that this step helps my makeup last longer and prevents breakouts. I do the same step in my evening routine unless I use the Pixi Glow Peel Pads. I love these pads, it has a higher glycolic percentage than any other exfoliating products I used before and I do see a difference in my skin. It stings a bit while on the skin and makes you red, but I don't mind that feeling. After 2-3 minutes I wash my face with cold water and continue with a face serum.
I only took my favourite with me, the REN Omega 3 Optimum Skin Serum Oil. I find that the air here, compared to London's humid weather, is much more drying, especially now with the cold weather outside and the heating inside. If I hadn't brought this with me I would be seriously suffering from tightness and dry patches on my face and it would be a pain to apply makeup on top.
I have my Simple Soothing Eye Balm for under the eyes, nothing groundbreaking, but it's moisturising, doesn't interfere with makeup, and the packaging is very travel-friendly.
For day cream I packed a mini of the Origins GinZing,  and my night cream is the My Little Beauty Créme De Minuti that I received in one of their boxes. Both of these I brought because of their small and light packaging. They work just fine but again none of them are irreplaceable.

And now for some extra  bits... 
Unfortunately I have some unwanted flat wart situation happening on my forehead, and I really wanna get rid of them as soon as possible. I've found this H-Warts Formula from Healing Natural Oils online last week, I ordered a smaller bottle and been using it for 6 days now, 3 times a day. I see some change already we will see how long it takes for them to disappear completely .
I took a mini of the Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask which I never tried before. I like to put on a cleansing mask at least once a week, this should be good for that.
I include my primer here, which is the Benefit Porefessional. I always pick up the travel size because I find the full size just goes bad by 2/3 in the bottle and starts to mix up weirdly with the moisturiser and gather in small cream-primer balls on my face. Did anybody else came across this problem or is it just me?

I only brought two haircare products with me, a mini Co Lab dry shampoo in the New York scent for those third day hairs and the Dove hair oil that I use on the ends of my hair while wet, before leaving it to air dry.
And of course I have my trusty rose gold GHD hair straightener that comes with me even for a one day trip because my fringe looks horrible without washing and styling everyday.

Do you have any essentials that you can not leave for a trip without? 


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