Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My Little Magic Box

My December box arrived a couple days ago, but due to travelling home and family stuff, I only had time to write about it today. 

My Little Box is the only monthly subscription box I'm getting, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I guess each month is a hit or miss with any of these boxes.
I like the concept of subscription boxes, I think of them as a little surprise present for myself every month, that I can look forward to. 

This month has a wintery feel to it with a New Years party celebration theme. What I like about My Little Box is that even if I don't particularly like the content, I can always use the amazingly illustrated boxes for storage and the little inspirational quotes for decoration.

This month's lifestyle pieces are a pair of navy-gold gloves and Kusmi tea. The gloves are alright, although a bit big for my hands, but I'm gonna wear them out on cold London days. 
I'm more of a coffee lover than tea drinker, so this orange, vanilla, cinnamon, liquorice roots and sea buckthorn berries flavoured green tea will go as someone's present for Christmas who will appreciate it more than I would.
This month the beauty stuff came in a little cosmetic bag instead of the usual wash bags, which I was really happy about because I was looking for a travel bag for my brushes anyway and this is just the perfect size for them.
Inside we have 3 items: a  nail polish set, a lip product, and a body cream.

Let's start with My Little Box's own product the two nail polishes. They go well with the whole colour scheme this box seems to represent, one is a beautiful navy blue, and the other one is a gold glitter polish. I really like navy on my toes all year around and a gold glitter always comes handy in the festive season.

We also have a product from Rituals, a brand I really like. This is a sweet orange and cedar wood nourishing body lotion which does smells great. Honestly it feels like there is a body lotion, cream or body moisturiser in every single box, and I'm not the biggest fan of body products. Give me a face cream, exfoliator, hair product any day, but body lotions of any sort are just plain boring for me. 

The third beauty item is a Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick in a bright fuchsia colour which is the star product of this box. I have only tried one product from Too Faced, the Born This Way foundation which is one of my favourites, so I was really looking forward to give this lipstick a go. The colour is more of a spring/summer shade in my opinion but would also be great for a New Years Eve party given the long wearing formula. The application is surprisingly easy, and although it is a matt lipstick, it is not drying and comfortable to wear. I am not the biggest fan of matt lipsticks though on myself so i would probably put either a gloss or some lip balm over this.

All in all I think this was a good box, I'm already looking forward to what we'll receive in January. 
If you like the concept and would like to subscribe, I leave the link for you below.


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