Friday, 11 December 2015

A real winter treat: Bounty hot chocolate

On cold, rainy winter nights, like the ones we seem to have in the past month in London, there is nothing better than cosying up in front of the TV watching a cheesy romantic movie with a nice hot drink in your hand to keep you warm. My choice of beverage for these evenings is what I call the Bounty hot chocolate. It's easy to make, requires just a handful of ingredients and tools, and ready in only a couple minutes. And of course, it is delicious!

What you'll need to prepare this hot chocolate are the following:
Nutella, Coconut milk, a saucepan and a whisk.
First, you want to pick out your mug and fill it with the coconut milk. Make sure you leave enough space for any toppings you want to add at the end. Pour the milk in your pan and put it on medium heat.
Next, add the Nutella, depending on how sweet and thick you want to make it, add 1-3 tablespoons of it.
All you need to do now is wait and stir the chocolate until all the Nutella pieces melted into the milk and created a creamy texture.
Please don't leave it unattended, because it can boil over and then you'll have to clean up the hob and start the whole process all over again. Oh, yeah, it happened to me before.
After a couple minutes of stirring, you are left with the most delicious hot chocolate with a coconuty twist.
Now is the time to decorate! I like to put some whipped cream, cocoa powder and a ladyfinger.
Soooo yummy! Enjoy!:)


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